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Melanin-Powered Meditation & Tea Company offers a Virtual Space to Heal

Although it might be tempting to skip your self-care routing during these challenging times, mental maintenance is essential to your overall well-being, and meditation has long been heralded as a powerful tool for relieving stress and anxiety.

Leading the way for meditation in hard-hit Detroit are Ursula Graham and Stephanie Lopez-Gilmore, founders of Meditation + Tea. The duo describes the company as a "sacred space created for beautiful melanin women, who want to explore or further their holistic journey with other women, who look like them."

"During this pandemic and time of uncertainty we see women battling with a lot of questions, a lot of emotion, self doubt and fear. We miss connections and that can cause a lot of stress," co-founder Lopez-Gilmore explains. "Meditation offers a time to reflect, to slow down and relax, to sit with that emotion and understand why it is there".

The two launched Meditation + Tea on Martin Luther King Day in 2019. "We picked Detroit because that's where we're both from and where our community lies. There are so many meditation groups in [the suburbs], we wanted to create a space in our own backyard," says Lopez-Gilmore.

Pre-COVID, the company offered a gathering space for group meditation, custom teas, and other self care essentials from their Detroit-based meeting space. But as a result of the global pandemic, they've had to pivot their business to an online model. "We had grown our customer base to 35+ attendees [before COVID-19] and with COVID we decided it was best to continue our events virtually. Of the 40 regulars, only 5-8 attend our new virtual events. That's out of the close to 2,000 people we've had at our local meet up."

Still the team is hopeful about the future. Meditation + Tea now offers 3 virtual meditation events per month, and their new online platform allows them the opportunity to potentially reach women across the country. The company has also expanded to offer wellness and health coaching. "We offer [a] space to heal, we honor that emotion and don’t shy away from it. We honor ourselves by allowing us take time out and just be. And most of all wet cultivate that connection that we long for."

As part of Mainstreet Mondays' Color Your City Challenge, we’re supporting minority-owned small businesses that have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic and have had to pivot their business models because of it. Each story is tied to a digital Mainstreet Mob cash mob event, so that businesses get some much deserved shine and find new opportunities for reaching their customers.

Mainstreet Mondays is hosting a virtual Mainstreet Mob event this week in support of Meditation + Tea.

Now through Sunday, May 24th visit, join for free, and register for Meditation + Tea's Saturday, May 30th event to champion this local business!

Mainstreet Mob members will save 20% and earn points on our platform that can be redeemed for future prizes. Come back each week to discover a new small business to support, and earn more points.

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