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Detroit Art Cafe Provides A Safe Space For Creators

Updated: May 5, 2020

Many businesses around the country have had to close as a result of stay-at-home orders to combat the novel Coronavirus, but with the closure of The Craft Cafe Detroit, the city of Detroit also lost something else: a safe, empowering place to create. The location would host art parties like canvas and wine glass painting, vision board and mirror crafting and private space rental, along with children’s events.

“There was no place to create and have fun with your family and friends in our neighborhood,” said owner Candice Meeks, remembering when she officially opened The Craft Cafe Detroit on E. Warren in 2016. “This provided a service right in the city and not having customers always go to the suburbs to have fun, collectively.”

Meeks has already had trouble getting business loans and being taken seriously as a young business owner. But as a result of the Michigan-wide shutdown, she can no longer generate income from the parties to pay the bills on her building.

Still, her dedication to the community has persisted: She’s pivoted her in-person parties to a virtual format and has volunteered the Cafe’s parking space for Gleaners Community Food Bank’s food distribution program.

"Painting is a great self care option because it releases your inner creativity and it’s relaxing,” Meeks said. “This helps calm nerves, reduce anxiety, and gives you something to be proud of that you created, and can be kept forever."

As part of Mainstreet Mondays' Color Your City Challenge, we’re supporting minority-owned small businesses that have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic and have had to pivot their business models because of it. Each story is tied to a digital Mainstreet Mob cash mob event, so that businesses get some much deserved shine and find new opportunities for reaching their customers.

Mainstreet Mondays is hosting our very first digital Mainstreet Mob event this week in support of The Craft Cafe Detroit. Now through Saturday, May 9th visit, join for free, and purchase a gift card that can be used toward a private virtual art party of your own.

Mainstreet Mob members will save 10% and earn points on our platform that can be redeemed for future prizes. Come back each week to discover a new small business to support, and earn more points.

The Craft Cafe Detroit is hosting an exclusive virtual art party for Mainstreet Champions on Saturday, May 9 from 5 to 5:40 pm eastern!

Participants are asked to provide their own 8x8 canvas, paint, brushes, a water cup, and paper towel to the event! Visit the event page for more details.

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